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Published on 2017-09-13

  • Gift ideas
The gift card is very easy to buy. There is an idea for each type of gift. Here are a few examples.

Event gifts.

Father's feast, Mother's feast, birthday present, Christmas gift, Valentine's gift. The gift can be localized : office or home.

The birthday present is celebrated each year, some dates are important: 18th birthday gift, 20th birthday gift, 30th birthday gif, 40th birthday gift, 40th birthday gift.

Romantic gift.

There are many opportunities to offer a gift to his / her friend. One is a fixed date: (wedding gift,Valentine's gift). The other will be in the form of a surprise gift: (boyfriend or girlfriend's gift ) ... The main thing is to find the idea in relation to the character of the loved one.

Family gift.

Whether it is a gift for her mother, her father, her sister, her brother, her nanny, you may determinate the duration of this present and the expected effect: gift that remains, out of the ordinary gifts ....

The unique gift can be personalized, exceptional, or unusual. In any case it is a rare gift by its price or its originality.

Choose the piece for the present : kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom ... Then

Luxury gift.

Wooden furniture, like the dining room chair is a luxury gift that lends itself to both men and women.

Gift company.

Is this a gift for a client, a colleague, an employee, a retirement gift, the end of the year, or rather a teacher's gift ?

Bachelor gift , a gift with style.

Retro trendy high-tech vintage zen gifts ... Young people have their preferences. For example : Pop-art , phone cases. Buy a gift on Decoliste.

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